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Giant Siding and Windows offers James Hardie fiber-cement siding for many reasons, including its durability, strength, beauty, and affordability.

James Hardie siding gives your home a rich wood grain look that vinyl siding simply can’t equal. The beautiful wood grain style is durable–just wash it off with a hose, no special soaps needed–and has all of the elegance of wood panels without the upkeep. Better yet, it’s termite-proof, so you never need to worry about the quick deterioration of your home’s siding due to a pest infestation. It’s fade-resistant finish has a 15 year warranty guarantee not to fade or chip.

Fiber-cement is the safest material when it comes to fire risk reduction. Although no home building material can be truly fireproof, fiber-cement has the least chance of catching fire, whereas wood would burn quickly and vinyl would melt. Because James Hardie siding will not burn when exposed to a direct flame and will not fuel a fire, your home insurance may even offer a discount when Giant Siding and Windows installs it on your home.

Wood Versus Fiber-Cement

Here at Giant Siding and Windows, we specialize in guaranteeing the best choice for your home, style, and budget. That’s why when it comes to wood or fiber-cement siding, we want you to know all of the facts.

Wood siding can add a warm character and unique curb appeal to your home. However, many types of wood siding weather and age quickly, making upkeep difficult. They can also be expensive to install and difficult to clean. Moisture and harsh weather conditions can warp the wood, even causing it to rot. Wood is also the perfect habitat for termites, which are costly to exterminate and repair damage from. James Hardie siding is attached securely to your home, and because it’s water-resistant, it acts as a barrier against moisture and pests.

James Hardie fiber-cement siding replicates the charming look of wood without all of the hassle that may come along with wood siding. James Hardie siding won’t warp in cold or heat, standing up to the toughest of New York winters and summers. And when it comes to extreme weather like we’ve seen with hurricanes in the past, James Hardie siding easily withstands impacts from hail, tree limbs and winds up to 150 miles per hour. Fiber-cement siding is strong and durable, meaning your home is safer with the James Hardie fiber-cement siding protection. Wood is extremely susceptible to fire damage, but James Hardie siding is fire-resistant, remaining damage free.

James Hardie siding is also sustainably sourced from eco-friendly materials, something wood siding will never be able to claim. You’ll never need to worry about cleaning it with special soaps or gentle pressure. Just spray your James Hardie siding with the hose and you’ll be looking as good as new. You can even paint your fiber-cement siding. James Hardie siding is fade-resistant and chip-resistant, even offering a fifteen year guarantee against chips or fading.

Can your wood siding compete with the durability, affordability, protection and curb appeal of James Hardie fiber-cement siding? We don’t think so!

Call Giant Siding and Windows to discuss residing your house with James Hardie fiber-cement siding today. Click here to learn more about James Hardie Siding. 

I personally talk with and quote clients for each project. I’ll come to your home and we can discuss your expectations and what we can do for your siding. I am not a salesman, so you don’t have to worry about pitches and gimmicks. There’s no obligation to buy while we’re discussing your options, and you can be sure that there are no hidden fees in our price quotes. I am simply invested in making sure you can get the best product for your budget and style. I’ve been in this business for a long time, I’m knowledgeable and confident in our products, and customer satisfaction is and has always been my top priority.


Perry Hayes – Owner