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Siding for Westchester County Homes FAQ
by admin

James Hardie – FAQ

james hardie siding westchester county NY

If you’ve got questions about choosing the right siding for your Westchester County home, you’ve come to the right place.

Being a Westchester County native myself, I can understand the challenges faced by most local homeowners when selecting a siding material for their home.  Your siding has to look good, and it has to be strong–really strong. Siding on Westchester County homes has to function at peak performance through all four seasons; I am talking about our harshest winter storms and hottest summer days.

I was born and raised in White Plains, NY (GO TIGERS!) and while I love the area, I also know that Westchester faces some unique weather challenges geographically. When siding your Westchester County home, you’re looking for a material that will help keep the heat inside during our cold winters and not get beat up and fade during our blazing hot summers.

I hope this page answers some of your most pressing questions, but if not, just give my team a call or drop us an email we’re happy to help you choose the best siding for your home and budget.

+Q: Is James Hardie – Hardie Plank siding more cost-effective than brick or vinyl siding?

This completely depends on the size of your project and the style of your home, but rest assured, HardiePlank siding is a competitive choice when installing new siding on your home.  It does tend to be more expensive than vinyl but will be less costly than brick. It quickly makes up for its cost though because it is so easy to maintain.

+Q: Does James Hardie HardiePlank siding come with a warranty?

Yes, James Hardie Siding products come with one of the most robust warranties in the siding industry.  However, like most warranties, their validity is dependent on strict adherence to the James Hardie installation protocol.  

My team at GIANT is committed to perfection, and we are the only company to guarantee the James Hardie warranty on our complete installation!  So you can rest easy knowing your GIANT Siding & Windows James Hardie Siding will be covered for 30 years!

My siding company is Westchester’s only siding company that offers a full warranty compliant siding installation. Each element of our installation can be fully guaranteed and warranted as every detail of our jobs is James Hardie Warranty complaint!

I hate being called out to homes after what they thought was a legitimate James Hardie siding job only to find a job done incorrectly and outside of any factory warranty or protection. It really hurts homeowners and the siding industry. Jack of all trades type contractors rarely know the first thing about siding, and they certainly don’t have the passion and craftsmanship I see as a prerequisite to getting a siding job done right by James Hardie standards.

james hardie westchester county ny+Q: What is a James Hardie, Elite Preferred contractor?

I am proud of my company’s work with the James Hardie brand, and one of the things my team and I take the most pride in is our status as an Elite Preferred James Hardie Remodeler. Getting to install James Hardie siding as an Elite Preferred contractor is an honor, and it’s important to us as a company. Because we believe in the product and want to ensure we share every benefit it brings with our Westchester County friends and neighbors.

To be recognized as an Elite Preferred contractor by James Hardie, siding companies have to comply with every detail of James Hardie installation best practices. Pass regular and random installation audits, have a stellar record with the BBB, pass a background check with at least 6 past clients, be state licensed and fully bonded and carry liability insurance of $1 million per occurrence as well as worker’s compensation insurance.

Something I am most excited about is as an Elite Preferred James Hardie Siding Contractor my siding team also has access to continuing education, factory certification training and the ability to hand out one of the best warranties in the siding world.

+Q: Where do I purchase HardiePlank® lap siding?

Working with an Elite Preferred Siding company like GIANT ensures your siding company will purchase all the necessary materials for you.

Not sure which siding is right for your home, you can always call me at 1-877-75-GIANT (1-877-754-4268), and I’ll be happy to discuss options with you and talk about what will look best on your home and in your neighborhood.

We offer excellent, personalized customer service as well as Westchester’s best James Hardie Siding installation service. Giant Siding and Windows is pleased to be your resource for all things siding related.

+Q: How much will HardiePlank® lap siding cost for my home?

Every home is different and to get a meaningful estimate for your home, it is best to have someone come out to your house. If you are looking for an estimate, we can help!

When we meet, I will be able to provide you with a clear picture and cost for your home and James Hardie siding project.

+Q: Can I customize the trim when I use HardiePlank® lap siding?

You absolutely can. There are several different choices you can use with HardiePlank siding for trim. All of the following are good products to consider for your trim: HardieTrim, aluminum, real wood, engineered wood, or vinyl.

Remember though, if you’re choosing to use something other than HardieTrim you will have a different upkeep schedule on the trim work. For instance, if you use real wood trim, it will require painting, staining, or sealing to protect the trim regularly.

+Q: Could you explain what a HardieWrap® weather barrier is used for?

HardieWrap weather barrier is installed over the sheathing, beneath the exterior siding (cladding) to reduce water infiltration and air infiltration.

James Hardie Siding, Westchester NY Siding+Q: Is HardieWrap weather barrier better than another house wrap?

We think so, yes! In several independent tests, HardieWrap weather barrier had better performance than competitors in the categories of water resistance, air penetration resistance, and tear resistance.

For Westchester homeowners and home builders, I’m confident that James Hardie is the best choice for siding a home and that no one in the area can offer you a more expert installation.

Hardie board It is merely a superior siding product — because if its durability and its gorgeous curb appeal.

Drop me a line or give me a call and I will tell you why.