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Black Window Frames are on Trend in Westchester
by admin

We understand tradition here at Giant Siding and Windows. In fact, we’re three generations deep into a tradiblack window frames westchester countytion here; we’ve transformed my grandfather’s door to door siding sales into the company we are proud to call Giant Siding and Windows today.

So, I definitely understand the strong pull toward doing things the same way we always have done them, especially when you’re thinking about making a significant update to your home. Tradition is tradition and when talking home design, conventional styles are timelines.

But what about when something comes along and it is just plain better looking?

Today, my company offers the most innovative and cutting-edge products on the market, some have even the most conservative homeowners thinking ‘outside-the-box’ a bit and I think you should to if you are considering replacing your windows.

Why are most windows are white?

As far back as I can remember windows have been white and even today with more color options on the market then ever the vast majority of the windows we sell are white. I bet that will remain true. Most people want classic white windows because that is all we have ever known.

Think about it when you think about windows, white frames are typically what will spring to mind anytime someone mentions that they are installing new windows.

This is often the case when multiple homes are being built by a single builder in an area because they can easily blend into any style home or décor but that is really just what is fast and easy.

Homeowners then, continue to use white framed windows because they often are only replacing a few windows at a time. However, different shades of frames are increasing in popularity, and we’d like to suggest you try bold, black frames for your new windows this year. Black window frames are going to be very popular in 2019 and into the foreseeable future.

How do you know black window frames are right for your home?

If you’re interested in making your home stand out in the neighborhood or are getting ready to sell and want to appeal to a new, younger home buying market then black window frames are something you should consider.

Black window frames are on trendblack window frames westchester coutny ny

  • They give your home a modern feel.

The drama added by a black framed window can add a chic or industrial feel to your very modern space. Classic black will never go out of style either because it is a stunning accent no matter what your décor and offers a stark contrast to neutral interior spaces.

  • They look great without curtains.

Because they are so new and exciting, black window frames do not require standard window treatments. Simple blinds or understated sheers look nice, but so do naked windows because the black frame seems to be begging to be shown off.

The look and feel that you can achieve with simple, double hung windows with black frames can be stunning when paired with a classic white home. The Marvin family of products has the perfect window to suit your needs.

  • They frame your view nicely.

Whereas a white window frame blends into its surroundings, a black frame will stand out against its backdrop. This makes it act like a picture frame surrounding the portrait of the outdoors just outside.

A black framed window can beautifully highlight the contrast between your interior and exterior spaces or can be an excellent transition through a sliding glass door onto your patio. We love the consistent, high-quality finish available on all Marvin products, and they offer a classic black interior finish for their windows.

Are you ready to add black window frames to your Westchester County home?

We can find black windows in almost any shape and style, to suit your needs and aesthetic of your home.

Please give me a call to discuss your vision for your home.  We have excellent windows in stylish black frames in every window shape and form you could ever imagine. I can’t wait to help you update the look of your home this year!